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Non-government organisation

The non-government organisation Society for the Support of Arbitration has been established and registered by the Ministry of Interior on 26 August 2011 under the No. VUS/1-900/90-377 62.

The Society for the Support of Arbitration has been set up mainly as an institutional umbrella for the preparation of students for the international legal competition – simulated arbitration proceeding William C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. However, the activities of the Society are not limited to this purpose.

The aim of the Society is also:

  1. organisation and support of events, the aim of which is to achieve a higher awareness of the professional and broader public about arbitration,
  2. support of authors in publishing literature concerning arbitration,
  3. co-operation with academic institution regarding the teaching of arbitration courses,
  4. co-operation with other institutions with respect to arbitration.